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Launch Day

Matthew Maginley xferri launch

Xferri launches ecommerce online store despite East Cost blizzard of the year. No problems with traffic, getting stuck in the snow, or braving high winds and freezing temperatures. It is online. We had some coziness indoors while setting up products and getting ready to open. Hot cocoa, coffee and Earl Grey tea. 

Of course we did have visitors...students wrapping up college break, some music rehearsals, lots of photography, and I guess food. Yes, nothing like a good storm to rush out an go shopping and then eat everything in a day.

Xferri launches in the middle of East Coast blizzard

So back to the store...items include the exotic, hard to find, fun and exciting from around the world. for After procrastinating for ages (since July) trying to make the most perfect store for you. We - well me totally - Elaine has been totally waiting on me - decided to launch this thing and get going. It is accomplished. No turning back now.

First, this was going to be a store with extreme stuff, (what I wanted) then it was going to be specifically apparel for larger sized young men, (what Elaine wanted). Meanwhile we had all of this "Shopify " training and products to get. Blah-blah-blah. So the "launch day" was July 17, 2015 , and now it is January 25th, 2016. What can I say  - it is a labor of love, as all things that Elaine and I do. 

Hope you enjoy our efforts. We will enjoy having you and bringing the best of all that we can create and find for your. Thanks for your patience.


Matt & Elaine





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