Something going on in April

F*>#ing pain in my ass. I just went to the selling site and besides a lot of zero this and zero that I understand nothing. What was wrong with an ETSY store? No I have a RoboCop  storefront. Why am I here? I spend hours and hours of time hooked to a laptop at home because I’m disabled. I am addicted to knowledge and I would surely like to meet Mephistopheles. Or have a Dexter’s Lab. I’ve always been an artist. I’ve designed textiles, quilts, clothing, paintings and moods. I am enmeshed in fabric and textures. So day after day I look for the textures and I look for ugly, quirky, funny, ingenuity. I am also an engineer so that in my pursuit of texture, laughter, life I always think what a product does and how does it work.

Starting a global business is a soul shriveling endeavor. The benefit to me is that I can do it at home. I’m just the President so it’s no big deal. Just words on paper for now. Another benefit is I am surrounded by things I love, all the textures I seek. I have clothing, fabric, glue, crystals, makeup and I have a small opportunity to create clothing and accessories that I love and hopefully you will as well.

My customer is not normcore. My customer is the one who has a vision of what they would look like if only clothing was manufactured in a size that is not available or a fun print/theme. I’d love to have a line of US sized 16 ww shoes. If I’m a size 14 and above; I’d like cool stuff to wear that fits. So here is my odyssey to build a niche for body positive people.

To begin, my family moved and I don’t have a work space to produce one off garments and accessories. So I’ve been maniacally hooked to manufacturing websites where I think I can offer a few things that might interest you. Stock will be ever changing. I’d like measurements of people who want to go on an odyssey as well one of self discovery, joy and of course texture.

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