About Us

Our name "Xferri" comes from an idea forged out of the combination of eXtreme and the eXtra largeL, a will of iron, hence the symbol for iron Fe from the periodic table. We believe that all people large and small alike should be celebrated, but we celebrate louder, and with a certain boldness the larger size in a body positive, size friendly, fashion forward way - without apology.

Our store is neo-classical modern eclectic drawing from the wide ranging palates of the owners.

  • Elaine is President in charge of production, sourcing and our in-house fashion and style expert.
  • Matt handles marketing, advertising and the technical side of things.

Highlights of our background spans work in the garment industry of NYC, global advertising agencies, motion picture and TV marketing, electrical and chemical engineering, professional sports marketing, running a NY punk / new wave nightclub, theatrical costume design.

We're a husband and wife team who are raising one teen age college undergraduate and a budding musical artist/producer. We draw inspiration from them and their lifestyles. As we were once their age, in relationships and trying to figure out career and relationship choices.

The one thing that makes Xferri unique is that we focus providing apparel that makes the plus sized and full-figured body more attractive. As we are starting out there will be a few one-of-a-kind custom items that we hope to ramp up into our first collection. The first item on the agenda is financing so there will be a smattering of style items that we will bring together to help with getting " that look." Since some items are sourced from overseas, we will try to keep prices competitive to reward you for your patience for shipping times.